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Baked Honey Co

Leaf Pattern Design

We're all Different  kinds of Beautiful

todos somos hermosos


About Baked Honey Cosmetics


Since my first day in business, Baked Honey Cosmetics has offered customers the best selection of products. My products have become synonymous with quality. I want to provide loyal and new customers with great affordable merchandise. I express my beautiful culture through the art of makeup.  Thank you for choosing Baked Honey Cosmetics! I will continue to add a variety of fantastic merchandise to fit along with any budget. Thank you so much for your support of a Latina-owned business. Check it out and start shopping today!


“YESS GIRL I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!  The butterflies and angels are soooo gorgeous and so badass. I can't wait to wear, definitely going to buy it again"- Diana

“I LOVE THEM"- Patricia

“Definitely go check out her page you won't regret it"-Mia

"I seen the scrunchie and instantly grabbed that first it's really pretty! Dont get me started on the lipgloss! Lawwwd and the anklets, i am so happy with what i got! -Amber